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CBD for Dogs & Cats

CBD for Dogs & Cats

What You Need to Know: CBD for Dogs & Cats

The use of CBD to treat both dogs and cats is becoming more widely documented and well researched. As pet owners look for effective and alternative treatments, it is good news that a lot more research is being conducted to show the efficacy and also the limitations of CBD. If you are looking to use CBD for your furry companion, then you have come to the right place. The Cannable Canine & Feline Range has been specifically formulated for the effective treatment of dogs and cats. Cannable provides species-specific dosing, backed by research and we provide it at competitive pricing.

CBD Dosing for Dogs & Cats

The recommended daily dosage of CBD for dogs and cats ranges widely between brands, with the vast majority of brands offering doses that will not even scratch the surface of efficacy. At Cannable we have taken the time to thoroughly research and consult with doctors and health practitioners to bring you products that contain the right amount of CBD so that you can effectively treat your pet. We strive to bring accurate dosing of CBD with practical dosing methods.

CBD dosing can be a mine field. Many brands have confusing quantities on their labels, percentages of CBD per container or they recommend using a certain number of drops. At Cannable we have simplified the dosing process completely. We provide you with a month’s supply of CBD, (30 days) and depending on yours pets weight, you will purchase the corresponding strength of oil. You will receive a plastic syringe (no glass droppers here!) and dosing guide to assist you in accurately dosing your four-legged friend.

We have also developed some tasty CBD Dog Biscuits for those dogs who may be a bit of a pain to get near with a syringe full of CBD oil.

 CBD the Associated Cost

The price of CBD in the current market place makes efficient dosing financially unviable. We at Cannable believe that your beloved pets should have access to CBD at prices that are extremely competitive.

CBD for Dogs & Cats

CBD for Dogs and Cats: Assisting Treatment of Ailments  

CBD is not a ‘Miracle Cure’, but there is most certainly evidence that supports the use of CBD to assist with the treatment of many ailments.  

Arthritis, Pain and Inflammation

Arthritis and the inflammation and pain associated with the disease is very common amongst pets, causing chronic pain, swelling, stiffness and decreased range of motion. Unfortunately, it can affect pets of all ages and can present more severe symptoms in certain breeds of dogs more than others. Whether your dog or you cat is suffering from Arthritis, CBD can be a great alternative to treat this wide-ranging disease. A recent study conducted in 2018 shows that CBD can significantly reduce pain and increase the activity of the affected animal with no side effects (Gamble et al., 2018).

Anxiety and Stress

Many pet owners will understand that anxiety can be induced from many things, whether it’s the separation from their owner, a trip to the vet or the crack of lightning or the rumble of thunder. The distress that anxiety can cause pets is unbearable to watch, but there is something that can be done without heavily medicating your companion. CBD is noted to have ant-anxiety effects according to Shannon et al. (2019).


Seizures can affect dogs and cats alike and can be caused by numerous factors. Underlying health conditions like liver disease, kidney disease and cancer can be the cause or electrolyte problems, topical tick and flea products, herbicides and pesticides, vaccines and head injury could all leads to your et experiencing seizures. CBD has been known to be a strong anticonvulsant and can assist in treating seizures where conventional medications have failed and it has been documented by Jones NA, Glyn SE, Akiyama S, et al. (2012).

Wound Treatment & Healing

Pets can be fairly accident prone and they often end up with wounds or injuries. According to Styrczewska et al. (2015) CBD’s anti-inflammatory and collagen production promotion properties are proven to assist in wound healing and can stand as a treatment for long-standing, non-healing wounds.

Anti-Nausea (Antiemetic)

Pets, just like humans, can suffer from nausea. Parker, Rock and Limebeer (2011) found that CBD may be effective for treating vomiting and nausea. It should be noted that sufficient studies have not been conducted and pregnant or lactating animals should not use CBD without the consent of a Veterinarian.

Dosage and Directions for Use

Cannable recommends that 1mg of CBD per kg of animal weight should be administered daily and split into two doses. For more severe ailments or diseases, this dose can safely be doubled to 2mg of CBD per kg of animal weight and administered in two separate doses daily.

Safety of CBD for Dogs and Cats

In recent studies conducted by scientists, CBD is safe for use on our pet (Vaughn, Kulpa and Paulionis, 2020). It is important to note that you should not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Should your pet show any adverse reactions, cease use immediately and contact your Veterinarian.

CBD for Dogs & Cats


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