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Cannable® CANINE & FELINE CBD SHAMPOO 150mg / 200ml

Cannable® CANINE & FELINE CBD SHAMPOO 150mg / 200ml

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Cannable ® CANINE & FELINE CBD SHAMPOO can assist in the control of Skin Disorders and Skin Irritation and Inflammation. CANINE & FELINE CBD SHAMPOO should be used with CANINE & FELINE CBD HEALING CREAM for best results.

Aqua, Renewable coconut-based cleanser, Vegetable Glycerin, Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis), Coconut Oil (Capric Triglyceride), Hemp Oil, (Cannabis Sativa), Calendula Oil Infused (Calendula ocinalis), Shea Butter (Butrospernum parkii), Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein, Cedarwood Oil (Cedrus Atlantica Bark), Rosemary Essential Oil (Rosmarinus Ocinalis) Xantan Gum, Citric Acid, Natural Preservatives (Ecocert Approved), CBD 150mg (Cannabidiol).

Safe for cats, pets, horses and humans. For external use only. Avoid eye contact or ingestion. If irritation persists, contact a veterinarian. Store in a dark and cool place.

Directions for use:
Catch pet (use treat if necessary). Shake the bottle well before use. Wet the hair with warm water from head to tail. Apply shampoo to the pet’s wet fur and work into a lather. Gently massage deep into the coat and let the lather stand for a few minutes to allow the natural ingredients to be absorbed. Rinse well until water runs clear, at the end clean with a sponge! Don’t forget to reward with a treat!

CBD (CANNABIDIOL): CBD or cannabidiol is one of the many cannabinoids, or chemical compounds, found in the cannabis or hemp plants. CBD is safe to use and does not have any psychoactive effects like those of THC (the stuff that gets you high). CBD is well known for its medicinal effects and can help assist in the control of general health and well-being and can alleviate pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, and seizures. 

HEMP OIL: Hemp oil for dogs comes from seeds of the hemp plant. It doesn’t contain THC. This means products from hemp have no adverse effects on your pet. Hemp Seed Oil moisturizes skin and fur better than any other substance because it’s herbal and has virtually no side effects. It prevents skin disorders such as dry nose, acne, eczema, rashes, and dandruff. Hemp seed has long been used in cosmetic products and soaps because the oil can penetrate the inner layers of the skin and promote healthy cellular growth.  The balanced fatty acids also play an important role in reducing the inflammation associated with common skin issues, including atopic dermatitis, pruritic skin disease, and granulomas.

CALENDULA: Calendula flower oil can quickly speed the healing process of your cuts, scrapes, bruises, and insect bites, partially due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the oil, in addition to the unique antioxidant compounds found in this miraculous plant. By protecting against infections, calendula oil keeps wounds and scrapes safe, allowing them to rapidly heal.

ALOE VERA: Aloe is a natural healer that is used to treat various skin issues. It can be used to treat skin disorders, minor burns, and infections. Aloe vera can help soothe and heal the skin. It also reduces itching on wounds after surgery. Aloe vera can help soothe and heal skin allergies and is recommended in case of eczema treatment. Aloe also has an anesthetic effect, which is why it feels so good on sunburned skin. It also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help your dog’s skin heal. Fleas, allergies, and eczema can all cause intense itching in dogs. When the dog scratches, open sores, infection, and hair loss may develop. Applying aloe vera can often help heal the sores, and soothe the itching.